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My First Journey To The United States II

Two hours and half later the bus arrived. The UDEL professor said that the bus driver had difficulty to find the correct way  to the airport. In the way to Newark,DE we stopped at fast food restaurant to have dinner and around 4 AM we arrived in the Innternationale, the student house, where the foreigners who are studying in the University of Delaware, stay.

 In this Sunday, 23rd June we got up at 11 AM. We went to the university restaurant to have  brunch(a mix of breakfast and lunch, similar to the south Brazilian "café colonial") and after this, we stayed the day hanging out in the city, doing shopping and taking pictures. The weather there was so hot! The temperatures were around 90ºF to 100ºF(33ºC to 38ºC) and a higher humidity level. The first problem happened in the supermarket where I bought a can of coffee that was not ready to use as it is the standard in Brazil. So I had to use the towel-paper from the Inn kitchens and put it into the pasta percolator to have my coffee able to use in the breakfast in the Innternationale. The other trouble are the measures units, because the Americans don't use the Universal decimal system. It takes time to do the conversion between the two systems of measurement.

Apart this, the staying in the city was agreeable. The unpleasant trouble was the walking to the buildings in the so hot climate. The university buildings(called halls) are spread in all the urban area, so, we had to walk kilometers all the days to go to the different buildings that the classes were happenning and also to the university restaurant to have lunch.

In the first two weeks there were drama classes, American culture classes and oral intelligibility classes in the morning and workshops or visits to specific places as the Food Bank, the Amish farms, the Senior Center, an elementary school and a kitchen class.

In the other four weeks there were no more drama classes. All the teachers were put in English language classes where foreigners who want study in American universities are learning the language. These classes were so boring because the teachers were supposed to be learners of a language that they are already undergraduated. It is necessary to explain that in the United States there aren't language colleges as in Brazil, where all the teaching colleges are specialized in only one teaching subject from the first day of the course untill the ending of it. In the United States the first two years of college are general studies and only in the last two years the students choose the teaching subject that they intend teach in the middle school or in the high school. In Brazil there aren't Teaching Colleges but language colleges, geography, history,chemistry colleges,etc.  So in Brazil the college studies are more intensively specialized as the students only study the school subject that they will teach. In the language colleges they only study grammar, literature,linguistics,writing and the pedagogical teaching subjects and all the classes are taught only in the studied language.

And to became worst the situation, in the afternoons of Mondays and Wednesdays the teachers had to have tutoring classes with the university teachers or students in order to be tutored about his/her learning of the language that they are already diplomated!!!! Really a such bureaucratic and prejudicial idea that the third world teachers don't know the language!!!! Really funny and reinforces the idea that the Americans are completely  alienated from other countries realities and incapable to understand the third world countries.

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My First Journey To The United States I

From June, 24th to August, 3rd I visited the United States to do a development program to Brazilian English language teachers (PDPI) funded by the Brazilian education comission (CAPES) and the American International Institute of English. This program grants a 6 weeks scholarship in an American University. To participate in this program it is necessary to be a contested English language teacher in a public school. The candidate needs to do a TOEFL exam and she or he must achieve the grade 450 in order to be approved. After this exam, the chosen teachers are asked to be vaccinated against 6 specific diseases and do a  tuberculosis test(TT). Only a few days before the travel to São Paulo in order to procede the bureaucratic formalities to obtain the visa, they informed us that the vaccines and the TT will be not necessary! But, by this moment, I've already done these vaccines and the TT.

In São Paulo we stayed three days from Wednesday 19th June to Friday 21st. On Friday it was the  date that we will fly to New York. However, just in this day mass protests that started in all the country, also came to Guarulhos airport, which kept  during all the afternoon and the evening the roads blocked by the protesters. By this, the flight was changed to the other day and the teachers had to stay the night in a hotel. Only in the Saturday, 22nd June in the noon we succeeded to got on board.

We arrived at 9 PM in JFK airport and after go away from the customs, it was no one waiting for us, the 38 teachers chosen to go to the University of Delaware in Newark, a city 160 miles southern of New York. The hours went over and nobody arrived. The telephone contacts didn't work. What was happening?

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